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Floral Flamboyance

Florals have such a positive impact on our mood, due to the enchanting energy they bring. It's hard to pin-point why we gravitate towards florals year after year; it's just that they're the ultimate staple that's feminine, fresh and wearable. The ideas connoted with flowers tends to be associated with growth and transformation; so, perhaps the print is an expression of our desire to feel rejuvenated and reconnect with natural elements.
We're beyond the traditional depictions of flowers in clothing, instead we're leaning towards abstraction and flamboyance that will take the floral pattern to a fantasy level. There is a demand for maximalist dressing, where more is more; that includes everything that goes along with summer spirits and vacation vibes. Exotic florals and psychedelic visuals recreate that experience of a summer getaway. With warmer temperatures, it feels natural to opt for bolder and braver floral prints that are more impactful; as larger-scale florals establish a unique sense of character that exudes confidence. Why not get your floral fix with our curated picks?
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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