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Let's Go Barbie!

It's time to think pink for a little longer, due to the highly anticipated Barbie film, that will be premiering on July 21. Ever since the unveiling of the official trailer, showcasing Margot Robbie  living her best blonde bombshell life onset as the role of the iconic Mattel doll, there's been a super sweet style shift. Barbiecore is a trend embodying the 'Barbie Girl' style, which includes anything that's pink and overtly feminine. Minus all the tacky  plastic, Barbie pink is fantastic and it is going to be a lingering summer staple this year!
Margot Robbie, embodying the retro pink 'Barbie' gear in the latest film.
As well as honouring the 60 year legacy of the franchise, the modern film is not just your toy-to-television adaptation. Barbie 2023 was written and directed by Greta Gerwig, so this version has been created through her feminist lens, addressing those who aren't a huge fan of Barbie because of it's stereotypical portrayal of the female gender. The storyline is inspired by a book Greta Gerwig read as a child, Reviving Ophelia, that highlights the issues girls face as they enter adolescence and feeling repressed by the societal standards of self-worth. Therefore, by incorporating a 'real-world' in the film, Barbie realises that true happiness comes from the inside rather than appearance, but also from the freedom to oblige to the standards of perfection. That being said, it's so refreshing and humbling that we are seeing an evolution in the Barbie dolls. Barbie isn't just blonde-haired and blue-eyed, the more we see more diverse representations, we can understand that Barbie can be anyone. We can all be Barbie!
We got our first taste of the pink influx through the Valentino's  hot pink runway and now Barbiecore  has never been hotter! The modern Barbie  is about embracing your confidence and celebrating self-love, so pink is the perfect colour to illustrate your boldness and chicness. 
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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