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Leather On Leather

Anine Bing In The 'Classic' Faux Leather Blazer & 'Carmen' Faux Leather Trousers, By Anine Bing.
As we creep into the colder months ahead, temperatures will drop and although it's heart-breaking departing from the summer, it means we can get out the leathers again! It's leather weather, so it's time to channel your inner Trinity from The Matrix.
Trinity From 'The Matrix', 1999.
Leather is produced by processing animal skin, typically using the 'tanning' method, in order to preserve and soften it for clothing and accessories. Originally, leather was used in clothing since The Palaeolithic Age (50,000 years ago) to keep warm during the colder climates; as a survival mechanism. Now, leather has a certain allure to fashion designers, specifically for high fashion collections, as it tends to signify status and wealth. Leather garments represent luxury, where the high cost is reflective of the craftsmanship required for the production process. Saying this, faux leather has revolutionised the fashion industry as more people are becoming aware and concerned about the environmental impact of their fashion choices. Fashion consumers are becoming more inclined to show interest in sustainable and vegan fashion items. Animal leather is no longer top tier! Whilst most pleathers use plastics, they provide a great alternative for those who wish to abstain from using animal products altogether; and they come at a more accessible price point too! Amongst the fashion consumers, there will always be a leather and faux leather divide, but whichever you decide to invest in, make sure it is something that lasts; with endless versatility. The constant replacement of cheaply made faux leather fashion items simply contributes to the 'throwaway' culture in today's society; which has just as much of a negative impact on the environment. Whereas, animal leather is an investment that has an enduring appeal and with wear it becomes a second skin.
The 'Seattle' Leather Biker Jacket, By MDK. 
The Leather Hype In The 90s.
The leather on leather trend is literally forever, it is a nod to the 90's grunge and 'Biker Chic'; and twenty-something years later it's still as seductively cool! The high-shine effect within the material effortlessly radiates rebellious glam. Definitely wearing leather together creates an optimal statement, but it's just as fierce and sleek worn separately. There's simply no shortage of ways to style leather and what makes it so likeable is that it can easily be adapted for both day and night outfits; depending on what it's worn with of course. A knit sweater and trainers for the day and a dressy blouse and boot heels for the night; simple! Be fearless and wear leather (or pleather...)
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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