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All Prepped Up!

With 'preppy' fashion, we can't help but refer to Clueless  and Gossip Girl, but it dates further back than that! The 'preppy' style was a status symbol in the early 1900's, worn by wealthy guys who went to preparatory schools, like Ivy League, hence the name. Knitted sweaters, loafers and button-down tops were the wardrobe must-haves. In the thirties, college women hopped on the trend, where the first pair of 'Lady Levis'  was released in 1934 and became a major 'preppy' look. In the fifties, 'preppy' fashion expanded, think Grease with the collars under their cardigans, plaid/tweed and sporting gear being worn off-duty.
A snapshot from the 'Grease' movie, representing 1950's 'preppy' fashion.
Princess Diana became an impeccable prep-style muse, whereby her iconic looks are still being copied and worn today. She was best known for combining suit blazers with casual, sporty pieces, slogan T-shirts and running shorts. Princess Diana was spotted wearing lots of 'preppy' checked prints too!
The 'Preppy' Princess, Diana.
The 'preppy' style, although originally worn at college/university institutions, it's not technically a uniform, even though the attire is uniform-esque. There is so much more individuality within the look, where it enables you to have the freedom to make it your own; whether you're feeling something smart, casual or in-between. Importantly, you don't need to be in college to embrace it! The 'new preppy' look is loved by grown-ups and it's hit the streets more than ever before. What makes it so favoured is that the pieces separately are so wearable and timeless, whilst being fresh and nostalgic.
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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