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Romantic Ruffles

The romantic ruffles date back to the beloved Victorian era, which were typically embellished on dresses to show femininity and enhance figures. Additionally the 'Elizabethan ruff'  was a pleated collar worn around the neck in the late Tudor  period, which symbolised elegance, style and status. In other words, ruffles are nothing new but in today's era they are a fun way to add flamboyance and flair to the wardrobe! On the plus side, you can go as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, from a dreamy little frill detail to a statement voluminous feature. Undoubtably, they are a playful element when styling your outfits and they sure do give a dopamine boost, which further encourages experimental dressing. But, if adding too much volume is not your thing, ruffles don't have to be so flouncy. Tiered ruffles and peplum styles are structured in a way so that they delicately drape over the body without being overwhelming. Why not zhoosh up your attire and give them a go?
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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