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Bright Beginnings

Here's a toast to 2024! Like with every year that arrives, it comes with its ups and downs, but let's focus on all the foreseeable memories to be cherished and shared with loved ones. A new year means a fresh start, so we welcome the first chapter of the new year with an abundance of smiles and an optimistic energy we can carry right the way through the rest of the year too.
One thing that helps boost our mood, come rain or shine, is what we wear. Believe it or not, our outfit choices can have a huge impact on how we start our day, especially the colours we pick. Different colours have been found to evoke different emotions, wearing vivid colours, like yellow and orange; can uplift spirits and promote feelings of joy. Meanwhile, cooler tones, like blue and green; have more of a soothing effect that encourages a sense of tranquillity. We hope this selection of cheerful pieces inspires you to introduce more colour into your wardrobe this coming year, so cheers to bright beginnings...
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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