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Which Sneaker Style Suits You?

If you read last weeks blog post you'll know that we now stock Good News shoes which means we now have four different sneaker brands for you to choose from. Each label have their own unique style so if you're stuck picking which brand to go for, here is our fun quiz to help you on your way to step out in a style that suits you this season.

How would you describe your style?

A. Streetwear inspired

B. Adventurous and playful

C. Minimalist and simple

D. Vintage and retro

What sporting activity are you most into?

A. Running

B. Skating

C. Tennis

D. Baseball

Do you prefer High-tops or low tops?

A. As low as possible

B. Both.

C. I prefer low but don't mind high

D. High top all the way

What do you look for in a sneaker brand?

A. Making the perfect white trainer to go with everything I wear.

B. Different styles to choose from that all have good wear to them.

C. Whether they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

D. New brands that want to reinvent vintage styles.

What extra features do you like on footwear?

A. Embroidery

B. Glitter

C. Just a pop of colour

D. Different patterns and colours to choose from


If you got mostly A's

Underground Swedish footwear label Axel Arigato is at the forefront of the international streetwear scene and sneaker culture. They are mostly recognised for their modern take on the classic white trainer with a couture twist. You will also find their signature bird embroidery alongside chunky marathon trainers in colour block styles to make you stand out from the crowd (or on the streets).

If you got mostly B's

This Italian powerhouse has been dominating the luxury sneaker industry since 2000. Inspired by skateboarding culture around the world, they mix and match fabrics, patterns and colours gives the wearer an individual look and adds a playful touch to their everyday wear. These sneakers are collectors items and despite their obvious and purposeful imperfections they are a fashion lover's favourite.

If you got mostly C's

Since 2005, VEJA has been making sneakers differently infusing each stage of production with a positive impact. They started with a dream of making a sneaker brand known to be the most ethical in every step of the design process, and 15 years on they have gained that reputation and are now paving the way for other brands to catch up on the journey of sustainability within fashion. Known most for their vegan leather styles, they also made shoes using recycled rubber and cotton with their signature V in various pops of colour. 

If you got mostly D's

The brand recently won Best New Footwear Brand of The Year at the Drapers Awards, winning over everyone with their retro styles and eco-friendly ethos. With a 70s colour palette, minimalist clean styles and modern bold shapes, Good News Shoes are made to look great in the summer and are durable enough to rock in the winter. To find out more about the brand, read our blog post here.


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