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The Baggy Movement: Make It Oversized!

'Oversized' typically means, in the world of fashion, to wear something that is deliberately a few sizes too big. Or in most cases, the clothing is already made oversized so that you don't have to calculate how many sizes bigger you need to go in order to achieve that vision. How convenient! As a result, this gives you the freedom to experiment with multiple silhouettes so that you can tailor your look to your own specific needs and taste. Alternatively, if wearing oversized clothing isn't your thing, then you can always express it through the accessories like Bella Hadid!
Bella Hadid flaunting her oversized 'Wanda' bag by Stand Studio.
The not-so-fitted look is more of an inclusive space in fashion, as it doesn't force us to fit in a certain aesthetic in order to be perceived as 'on trend.' Similarly, this 'oversized' trend merges style with comfort - which we're all in favour for! The age old proverb that "beauty is pain" is utterly outdated and it has permeated through society to make us believe that feeling any discomfort is meant to have a high pay off in appearance. Dressing oversized has created a revolution where we can dress for comfort, feel relaxed without any sacrifices and still look fabulous!
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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