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Staples are Sustainable!

Everyone's impatiently waiting for the summer to start, whether you have an exotic destination booked or you're simply staying at home, you want your outfits to shine! Delving into fast fashion brands tends to be a popular choice when shopping for the holidays as it's cheaper, fun, convenient and enables us to change our looks on demand. However, fast fashion has an enormous social and environmental cost; it does no good for the planet, the people and the animals living on it. The overconsumption of low-cost clothing has pushed the fast fashion industry to innovate to become faster and cheaper; so we end up buying more, spending more and throwing more away.
According to a study carried by Censuswide for the charity, Barnardo's, "Britons will spend around £2.7bn on more than 50m summer outfits that won't be worn again."  The sad part is that these brands claim that they monitor their suppliers and partners, when in reality it's the opposite. Given this fashion crisis, it is vital we take a conscious approach when shopping for specific events and holidays.
Undoubtedly, the first step is to check what you already have to see if you own any hidden gems you didn't realise you had. Sometimes we buy so much that clothes can get buried to the bottom of the drawer! Then, you could try laying your clothes out on a surface and create new outfits that you haven't tried before. Maybe what you need is accessories that will add colour, complete the outfit and elevate existing pieces.
@tampabaebae in the 'Dani' shorts, by Paige.
On the other hand, if you feel like treating yourself to something new, why not invest in staples? Staples that you can welcome into your everyday wardrobe and look forward to wearing on holidays to come. Importantly, try and opt for higher-quality over quantity, they are usually higher price points than fast fashion brands but are more cost-effective in the long run. This means that you reduce the risk of throwing away an item to then spend more money to try and replace it. Also, it isn't necessary to purchase a plethora of outfits to accommodate the holiday, strong staples can be mixed and matched to make another outfit. On the bright side, this savvy strategy will ensure you have more space in your luggage!
Here's a few of our favourite staples that you'll be reaching for every time you jet off...
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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