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Sophisticated Sands

Beige is not boring as the love for wearing neutrals will be eternal! Black, beige, grey and brown are the holy grail, but let's focus on soft sands and beautiful beiges. Wearing beige serves a softness and simplicity that darker shades may not be able to provide; it has a gentle elegance that's refined, sleek and luxurious. It's subtlety allows for versatility and sophistication that can be worn across all the seasons. As we reach the warmer months, most of us would consider wearing less black and would be gravitating towards lighter, subdued hues; reflective of the season. What makes wearing a sand-toned palette not-so-boring, is the layering of different fabrications and patterns, which will add multiple dimensions. Introducing accents of white is another strategic way to prevent a beige outfit from looking one-dimensional. Then, if you've realised wearing head-to-toe in beige is definitely not for you, perhaps consider investing in outerwear pieces or accessories that will compliment your existing pieces. Or, you could pair the sandy shades with refreshing pastel tones, which is an excellent contrast and it is an opportunity to add your own personality if you prefer wearing more colour. Let's get back to beige...
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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