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Saloni: The Go Anywhere - Do Anything Dresses...

Introducing the latest brand arrival... 'Saloni'. 'Saloni' means 'beautiful' in Sanskrit, and both the designer and label live up to this definition. The eponymous Hong-Kong based brand, 'Saloni', started in London in 2010 by Saloni Lodha. Since the brand's establishment, the designer focuses on honing the most seductive and elusive, which is the: 'Go Anywhere - Do Anything Dress.'  Lodha doesn't usually hold fashion shows but instead her prettily printed fabrications have transformed a one-niche line into a sartorial hit. She is a mother and nomadic that spends her time between Hong Kong, India and London. Lodha was born in Nashik, Western-India, and was brought up in a strict Jain family with conservative and religious regimes. Rather than settling for an arranged marriage at sixteen, Lodha channelled her freedom and independence by studying art and graphic design in Mumbai. It is noticeable that her travelled lifestyle is apparent throughout her designs, which helps establish her brand as international with a global aesthetic. Ultimately, it was born from witnessing how high-end fashion in Hong Kong was too costly or too minimalist. As a result, Lodha's  desire was to produce something exotic that adheres to the traditional clothing she grew up with. Hence, the textile connoisseur labels her brand as 'international', rather than specifically Indian.
Lodha regularly returns to the markets in Mumbai to discover the vintage embroideries and saris, which awakens her appreciation for the artisanal craft-making in her homeland. Her bold extravagant maximalist wardrobe revolves around print, from tea dresses to lavish gowns; Saloni's' styles are primed for women who aren't driven by current trends. It's sophisticated modesty amplifies the cross-generational appeal, where she calls it a "mother-daughter"  brand. Lodha was never set out to be a fashion designer, but she was driven by need and she proudly states "I knew I could bring all this heritage together in my own way." 'Saloni'  is joyfully positive so it is easy to understand why everyone adores it's celebratory collections...
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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