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Rev-It-Up with the Rebellious Biker-core!

Are you ready because biker-core has shifted into gear?
Biker-core is the epitome of force and femininity, the duality of daintiness and toughness. It is this particular fusion that makes a biker-chic look super-cool and classy; but with a splash of sass and tough-girl attitude. Biker-core fashion has dominated brands like Balenciaga and Balmain  in and out of the runways, styling the iconic Bella Hadid  and Julia Fox.
Bella Hadid balancing the colour palette with bright hues.

Biker-core has also been omnipresent and has dipped in and out of the decades in fashion history, which is why this trend has a nostalgic y2k aura about it. Think Harley-Davidson-luxe leather, motor jackets, lustreless hardware, grommet eyelet belts, buckle detailing, studs, exposed chunky zippers and distressed graphic tees; which creates the rock-rebel identity. The lifestyle of a biker is fun, careless and effortless... If you always wanted to be one, well now you can!

Written by Giovanna Scozzari


Kim Kardashian is styled in a Balenciaga biker-look; the wraparound shades create more of a futuristic appearance.







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