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New Jewels From Anni Lu

We have just received new styles of Anni Lu from their most recent collection titled, Riviera Dreams. The new drop is inspired by the golden age of the Riviera in the 1970s. "Our new collection takes you back to a time where actors, writers, royals and everyone looking for a good time flocked to the small coastal cities along the Riviera from Saint-Tropez over Antibes to Portofino to party, sunbathe and jump head first into the Mediterranean Sea."

"It was a carefree time, things looking easy although carefully thought out. Big shades, writers looking for inspiration, topless sunbathing, lobster & champagne, intellectual conversations, love and all the beautiful contrasts that make an era truly unique."

Anni Lu's interpretation includes amber, tie-dye, marble green, tiger eye and an abundance of gold to get the perfect look and feel of the Riviera. So if you want to be virtually transported out of this typical English winter weather, take a look at the latest styles here (to be worn in the sun and all year round).

Bellagio Bracelet - £39.00

Black Iris Earrings - £75.00

Dusty Eldorado Bracelet - £39.00

Eldorado Necklace - £100.00

Foxy Puka Necklace - £127.00

Spirale d'Or Bracelet - £64.00

Spirale d'Or Earrings - £100.00

Sprezzatura Necklace - £202.00

Sprezzatura Bracelet - £127.00

Big Snake Necklace - £75.00

Liquid Gold Necklace - £75.00

Alba Bracelet - £64.00

Alba Necklace - £100.00

Eye Of The Tiger Earrings - £57.00

Eye Of The Tiger Necklace - £153.00

Eye Of The Tiger Bracelet - £57.00

Tie-Dye Bracelet - £39.00

Eden Rock Necklace - £100.00

Bead & Gem Bracelet - £45.00

Azzurro Bracelet - £64.00

Azzurro Necklace - £100.00

Asym Bold Bracelet - £39.00

Asym Bold Necklace - £57.00

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