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New Brand Alert: Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson's entry to the fashion world was an unconventional one. Ulla was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, a daughter to archaeologists, so she felt she had to pursue academic studies at university: rather than explore her fascination for fashion. However, she believes that her psychology and women's studies degree has influenced her designs and how she creates clothing for women. Ulla's motivation is making women feel empowered whilst introducing elements of fantasy and it is the gaps in her own wardrobe that provide a meaningful insight as a woman designing for women. Ulla's fashion career started to grow over the years and in 1998 her eponymous label, 'Ulla Johnson', was born. Over the past two decades Ulla's fashion label has become a cult classic and a commercial success.
The brand is closely associated with flowers and nature motifs. This is due to the fact that Ulla arranges a lot of flowers and the unexpected combinations that nature brings forward is something that really informs her work. There are certain colours that you would assume are garish together, but through the experimentation of different shapes and saturated hues, it adds an exciting new perspective. Ulla says her style depends on the mood, the season, the moment, the occasion and she has mentioned that: "the brand is definitely very feminine, but within that, there are a lot of different ways to wear the clothes."  It is evident that Ulla thrives on the fun and freedom you can achieve from dressing-up however you want and fully embracing how you feel in the clothing you've chosen to wear that day. 
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