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New Brand Alert: Enfold

Solid fabrics, oversized styles, three-dimensional structures and a minimalist aesthetic are key factors when it comes to Japanese design. The country's most renowned designers - Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Junya Watanabe - have a strong reputation in the industry for being radical and extreme. These designers, who integrate traditional and ultra-modern styles from the East and the West, have paved the way for Japanese style to enter the mainstream and now it's inserted into all areas of fashion and design, from high-street store Uniqlo to young designers in Britain like Craig Green. 

Deconstructed Cable Knit Sweater - £615.00

In 2012 designer Mizuki Ueda launched her own brand in Tokyo called Enföld, with the concept of curating a lasting wardrobe rather than following seasonal trends. Going ‘Seasonless’ is something many designers are choosing to align their work with now as a conscious move to be more sustainable. In this current climate of social distancing and essential shopping where many brands and stores are struggling to stay afloat, this could be the way things need to be in order for the industry to keep on going. Ueda’s first collection for Spring/Summer 2012 was for women who are 30-40 years old who want effortlessly stylish clothes to relax in.  When she launched her brand, she was juggling her work life with being a mother to her two sons, so the image of the ‘Enfold’ woman relates to her own experiences at the time of wanting to look elegant but not having the time to think about her wardrobe choices. The brand creates timeless styles and will always be in-demand because really, who doesn’t want to look fashionable without putting a huge amount of effort in? 

Layered Panel Skirt - £685.00

The idea of hidden beauty and minimal dressing is everything Enföld stands for, as well as focusing on the structure and detail of each piece to create a personal relationship between the wearer and the garment. The brand believes that true style means being comfortable with who you are and not changing for anyone else, so their forever wearable and timeless styles are pieces you invest in with the intention to keep for a life time. Enföld itself means ‘wrapping’ and ‘embracing’ and when you look at the design techniques, you can see that constructing and  ‘enfolding’ around the body is something that is always taken into the most consideration for the brand, rather than being trend-driven. The basic wear features asymmetrical hemlines, oversized fits and pleated 3D designs; a new take on design classics like the ‘bomber jacket’ are rethought with a Japanese touch to create a boxier, more relaxed fit; a mix-match of luxe fabrics and traditionally western patterns are merged together to reconstruct outerwear as a staple piece for any wardrobe. All of these simple but effective design elements are what defines that effortlessly stylish look that Ueda wanted for her brand and with the success and following Enföld has gotten over the years, more and more people want this lifestyle and look from their fashion. The Pre Fall 2020 collection is in store now and will be online very soon.

Layered Sheer Trousers - £615.00

 Ruffle Detail T-Shirts - £325.00

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