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Markus Lupfer: Reimagined

If you want an example of a fashion label that has their branding down to perfection, then look to Markus Lupfer. His iconic lip and kiss motifs have been a signature element to all his collections since he popped onto the fashion scene in 1999. The recognisable romantic and cheeky aesthetic is emphasised each season, whether it be with heavy embellishment, oversized style or an unmissable colour palette. People say less is more, but that has never seen part of Lupfer's style. This season however, he took a different approach to the designs.

"The colour clash was one starting point. And then I wanted things to feel very handmade and artistic. We looked at different artists and thought about the Bloomsbury group and worked to give the clothes a handmade feeling - of things not being so precise." Markus shares in an interview with Vogue.

For the Pre Fall collection, is seems he is straying away from the maximalist aesthetic and moving on to a more grown up, sophisticated style (but still keeping his iconic lips and kisses, of course). The latest drop is ready to shop online and in store, featuring hand-painted prints, pastel colours, fringed knitwear and a more muted colour palette to take you into the Autumn season.


Paige Painted Vase and Lip Patch Stripe Shirt - £295.00

Alex Painted Lip Tee - £95.00

Alex Sequin Tea Time Cat T-Shirt - £225.00

Jamie Intarsia Fringed Lip Jumper - £375.00

Kate Painted Bunny Tee - £95.00

Alyssa Metallic Foil Lip Organic Tee - £115.00

Karla Sequin Painters Lips Tee - £250.00


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