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IZMEE: The Stylish Water Bottle Brand That Will Stop You Using Plastic For Good.

Fashion-forward, environmentally friendly with bold design is everything IZMEE stands for. The steel water-bottle company, founded by Enrico Accettola, is an Italian brand with the ambition to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of plastic, but in a new and inimitable way.  

Italy is Europe's biggest consumer of bottled water and the second biggest in the world behind Mexico, with sales of 10 billion litres a year.  Accettola's two interests lie within fashion and in finding ways to reduce the world's plastic usage, so his answer to solving this issue? An eye-catching collection of ecological steel water bottles in unique popping colours and textures for products that are not only plastic-free but as glamorous as any fashion accessory. 

The brand launched their first collection during Milan Fashion Week and can now be found sitting beside luxury fashion brands in stores across the world. People who invest a lot of energy into their fashion choices often say that what they wear represents their personality, and this is also what IZMEE wants to promote - after all IZMEE is a play on words to sound like 'It's me'. Their ethos is 'for those who have the courage to dare, be themselves and express their uniqueness' and when you own one of these bottles, it is an identity choice with a 100% Italian design, to express a responsible lifestyle in a distinctive and unique way.

So, why should we not resist buying one of these bottles? 

  • They are made out of steel so are light enough to carry with you everywhere and have even been passed to board a plane with you (so the days of binning or downing your drink right before you are going through security are long gone). 
  • Their customisable anti-slip and anti-noise silicone bottom with a mirror effect steel flower stops that loud-clattering-head-turning-noise you get with your average steel bottle when you place is down on surfaces. 
  • Every version of the bottle makes the contents either stay cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, giving you a refreshment that lasts all day long.  
  • Whatever size bottle you buy has a wide enough neck opening to fit ice cubes in for the warmer days ahead (and makes it easier for you to clean inside of the bottle too). 
  • Reviews and tests have been made to prove that the quality and flavour of the liquids inside remain unchanged, so it won't taste like you've just licked the change from your back pocket.  
  • The bottles are 100% BPA & Plastic free. What's BPA you ask? Abbreviation of ‘Bisphenol A’ which is an industrial chemical known to cause some bad health issues, click the link here if you want to find out more. 
  • They team up with Brera Academy: a fine arts school based in Milan where students get the chance to have their designs featured on a limited-edition release of bottles - giving a positive platform for young people to promote their talent. 

Enrico has explained in an interview with Wise Society that, “[We] have reached a critical point now and environmental issues can no longer be deferred. With our bottles we want to contribute in our small way to a plastic free world.” If we were all to make the small change to stop buying throw-away plastic bottles and switch over to an IZMEE one, a small change for us would make a massive impact on the world very quickly. Bernard boutique now stocks 7 different styles - Rain Blue, Fairy Pink, Fluo Pard, Gun Steel, Linked Heart, Coco Style and Jungle Army - so drop in and pick the bottle that represents you.

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