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It's Sweater Weather!

What time of the year is it? That's right, it's sweater weather! As it's getting colder, the one piece of clothing that tends to dominate the wardrobe is the humble sweater, or knit jumper or cardigan; whatever you decide to call them. They particularly play a significant role in your wardrobe when it comes to keeping you warm, comfortable and super stylish. 
We live in a world where we crave convenience, but sweaters make autumn/winter fashion so plain-sailing because there is a sweater for everything. Whatever you decide to wear that day, you know a good sweater will pull everything together in every good way, from casual to dressy. Primarily, you don't need to worry about constantly changing outfits in the mornings. Sweaters are omnipresent all year round, typically because they're ideal for layering. It also means that during the milder transitional periods, when jackets aren't required, we can substitute them with a good sweater. Nothing beats the feeling of the softest wool brushing against your skin and there's something nurturing about how the warmth feels like a hug. You know it's the right one if you feel amazing in it!
Written by Giovanna Scozzari


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