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Greens Are Good For You...

Greens are good for you because it is one of the colours that suits everyone, regardless of your complexion. Green is fresh and energising without being perceived as over-the-top, hence, it compliments neutral-based outfits and it is one way of elevating them.

Gigi Hadid seen in the 'Hot Fix' dress by Self-Portrait.

Perhaps the green craze is a reaction to the doom and gloom of this season and there's no doubt that green has been dominating the runway, the high street and even seen on celebrities like Gigi Hadid.

Photograph by @standstudio.official

Surprisingly, what's been a real hit is the punchy zesty greens that we might previously have considered as too much or unwearable, but all of a sudden they've grown on us and they look irresistibly appealing. Alternatively, if you're not feeling as adventurous to go that bold, we have rounded up some comfortably cooler toned/earthy greens as well, so we can all be seen in green.
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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