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GANNI Pre-Fall 2022: Exploring a Nostalgic Freedom

GANNI pre-fall 2022 is all about escaping the restraints of modern life and reverting to a time where it is more free, away from the pressures of social media and the constant desire to document everything on mobile phones. 

Ditte Reffstrup, the creative director, said that "I was looking at my family's old holiday photos, they are super faded and neither perfect nor retouched. I think photos were more special back then, people really treasured them."

Ganni's new collection contains a spectrum of holiday-ready garments and accessories that embody the sense of freedom through the accents of muted pastels, contrasting patterns and bold pink and green hues.

The GANNI- Copenhagen- Girl is forever evolving and Reffstrup's colour choice is bold, but so is her fabric choice. The collection uses discarded cotton textiles and hemp for a sustainable approach and she has aced the challenge of finding alternative textures that are equally as rich and have a lower-impact to the environment.


Nostalgic elements have been accentuated through the retro details, which include the iconic sixties' oversized collars, the classic seventies' deep v-shaped necklines, the voluminous sleeves and fun graphic tees of the eighties. 

The relaxed silhouettes, comfy knits and constraint-free open back mules remind us about the importance of being and feeling free in the modern world; by simply wearing the new collection you can immerse yourself to those special moments of the past.

Written by Giovanna Scozzari


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