Designer Spotlight: Rundholz Black Label – Bernard Boutique

Designer Spotlight: Rundholz Black Label

Black [Adj-] being of the achromatic colour of maximum darkness. Having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light. As black as coal. Rich black soil. | synonym(s): achromatic | antonym(s): white.

Label [1] a brief description given for purposes of identification. The label modern I applied to many different kinds of architecture. [2] a piece of paper or other material which gives you information about the object it is fixed to.

Studio Rundholz has established radical modern shapes, has the courage to lead, differentiate while being individual. The German duo, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, look to the landscape and idyllic countryside of their home in West Germany to innovate exciting, sculptural garments which are inherently stylish. Greyscale palettes, asymmetric shapes and raw textures are synonymous with the brand and are a key feature within the designs season after season. 

They started their brand during their twenties after deciding they wanted to share their calm yet focused design techniques and ideas by creating a lifestyle brand. With them both having creative professions before this - Lenka, a display and visual presentation artist and Carsten, a graphic designer - they merged both their talents, presented their first collection in 1993 and instantly found fans in the creative scene. Film producers, artists, authors and journalists, all loved the textured quotes which are mostly influenced by art scene impulses, travel and simply from observing architecture. "I sometimes think that we’re not creating fashion but simply garments," Carsten Rundholz says.

As a brand, the couple create two collections and 600 pieces a year, designing full outfits of coats, blouses and dresses with shoes, bags and belts to match. The pair work very closely with the pattern makers: Carsten always taking an experimental approach to design, and Lenka giving the final approval of everything before they are seen on the runway. As well as continuously coming up with innovative ideas in terms of design, they focus a lot of their attention towards choosing different locations to showcase their collections. They have their flagship store in Dusseldorf, as well as shops in Antwerp, Munich and Berlin which have all been designed to represent the brand coherently and sticking to their brand philosophy: 'We'll only be successful by remaining incomparable'. 

Rundholz Black Label is one of Helene's favourites, so we did a quick Q&A to let you know a little more about the brand.

1. When did you start buying Rundholz for Bernard Boutique?

Our first season buying them was the AW18 collection and have continued to buy from them ever since.

2. What was it about Rundholz that made you want to buy into it?

I felt we were missing something unique and creative in the store for the customers who like to dress slightly off the wall and who don't care what other people think of them... People like me, really.

3. Describe the Rundholz woman:

Someone with individuality that strives to be different.

4. What do you like most about the brand?

The shapes are quite extreme but also very wearable and the fabrics they use are so unique to anything else we have had in the boutique before.

5. Pick your five favourite pieces that are currently available to buy on our website:











The SS20 Rundholz Black Label collection is part of our isolation sale, with 30% off selected collections when you add the code: ISOLATION30 at the checkout. To view the full collection click here.

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