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Beat The January Blues

After all the excitement from the festivities of the Christmas season it's only natural to feel a little down and the miserable weather of this time doesn't help! It is super important that we maintain the upbeat morale and don't allow the dreaded January Blues to get to us. Although New Year's resolutions can be a great motivation, they can be over ambitious to the point where we feel deflated if they are not fulfilled. It is far more rewarding to continue the momentum of going out and about, interacting with family and friends and making the time to do the things we enjoy. It is proven that natural sunlight is a serotonin saviour and helps lift the spirits, so when there is a sunny day make sure to absorb the vitamin D. It is a no brainer that if you eat and sleep well, exercise and initiate each day with a positive affirmation; that will battle those blues. With this being said, instead of getting swallowed up by the January Blues, let's embrace the blues by wearing them!
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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