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Anine Bing: Athleisure Is Here To Stay

Photograph displaying the 'Jeremy' baseball cap.
Anine Bing, LA based designer, has launched Anine Bing Sport. It is a fresh collection of basics that celebrates the athleisure aesthetic.
What is athleisure? - You may question. It's the well-loved trend, appreciated during lockdown's working-from-home lifestyle, that demonstrates the happy medium of athletic gear and leisurewear. We can all credit Lady Diana for making athleisure acceptable as a trend, through the phenomenon of her crazy off-duty workout outfits.  
Lady Diana making athleisure acceptable.
The beauty of Anine Bing Sport is that, yes it can be worn for athletic purposes, but if you're not really a sporty person, don't worry because it's perfect for the everyday. The collection is inspired by Scandinavian simplicities, it's designed to meet an active woman’s lifestyle, working from home, running errands or simply just lounging. Athleisure marks a rebellious statement as not everyone feels it's acceptable to wear a tracksuit in public, which is fine, but Anine Bing wants to confirm that it is perfectly appropriate; especially for a working woman. The versatility of these pieces provides comfort and an effortlessly styled timeless look.
Written by Giovanna Scozzari
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