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An Exclusive Look At Our New Favourite Jewellery Brand

Sculptural forms of weaving, twisting, looping, flowing and enfolding, made from gold, silver, ceramic and pearl is what makes up the contemporary jewellery brand: Completedworks. Anna Jewsbury, a Mathematics & Philosophy Oxford graduate, founded the brand in 2013 after tapping back into her particular childhood love for accessories when she would collect shells from beaches and make chokers and bracelets out of them. Now she works out of her studio in London with a large team of diverse and complimentary talent where they produce handmade demi-fine and fine jewellery as well as a collection of beautifully crafted ceramics.

Enfolded Leaf Earrings - £205.00

In 2015 Completedworks was selected to become part of the British Fashion Council's celebrated Rock Vault initiative, set up to 'showcase and promote Britain's most innovative, fine jewellery talent'. Since then it has become a much-loved brand for its simplicity of form and bold aesthetic and has been worn by the likes of Emma Watson, Jodie Comer and Adwoa Aboah. In an interview with Forbes, Jewsbury told them that her career highlight is her commitment to sustainability within the bridal and bespoke jewellery range. “My mother recently gave me a book of photographs by Sebastiao Selgado that included images he took at the Serra Pelada gold mine in north-west Brazil in 1986. They are just shocking images of miners that look almost pre-industrial. They caused me to think about mining in a different way. I read one expert saying that to extract enough gold to produce a wedding band, 20 tonnes of waste is created. So basically every 5 wedding bands we make we are responsible for the amount of mining waste similar to the weight of a blue whale.” As a company they now use 100% recycled and fair trade metal for their wedding bands.

Flow Necklace - £175.00

The brands aesthetic of ‘trying to find the beauty and complexity in the everyday’ is reflected in all the collections, each inspired by movement, shapes and ideas such as ‘Tied’, ‘Fold’, ‘Fluid’, ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Pillar’. As a philosopher and a creative, she has explored broader meanings behind the forms of her pieces, intertwining thoughts on history, politics and the language of art. It’s clear that Anna has a clear and defining direction for the brand and we can’t wait to see what else she will create in the future. For now, take your pick and get an exclusive look at the pieces our head buyers picked out from her studio before they go online.

Riot. Strike. Riot. Cuff - £215.00

Flow Earrings - £205.00

Wave earrings - £215.00

Bend in The River Cuff - £245.00

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